Halloween is old. No matter how ghoulish the disguise, fake blood and fangs don’t fool you.

The real disguises are right in front of you. You may be missing the clues this very moment. They come through actions or ways of being that make no sense. What’s up with him, that man that gets so angry when someone looks at him? How could she stay with him, the guy that berates her all the time? There’s a story hidden in their actions.

What about kid who will never sit still? Or the one who doesn’t listens? We have an acronym for that. But the obvious answer might hide the real one.

Once you get in synch with the child, you may discover feelings that have taken a disguised form. Sometimes it’s frustration. Sometimes it’s grief. It can change things when you discover the feelings that have taken on a strange form. That’s an underground part of psychotherapy.